Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

Are you a Medicare beneficiary seeking a health evaluation and preventative plan? Consider scheduling your free AWV today.

Could a Medicare beneficiary under your care benefit from a comprehensive health assessment and preventative guidance? If so, schedule them for a free AWV today.

What is an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)?
An AWV is a service provided by our Internal Medicine Department at Medical Center Clinic. Free for Medicare beneficiaries, our service provides an annual medical history update, evaluation, and preventative plan to ensure optimal health.

The program offers:
Medical updates for health data, family history, and care provider information
Assessments to determine any mobility risks or functionality concerns.
Body metric measurements for height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and more
Cognitive examinations for potential memory decline
Preventative plans to ensure future health and wellness
Check-ins on existing problems or conditions
Answers to any medical questions or concerns

As a patient, how will an AWV benefit me?
By undergoing your no-cost AWV (for Medicare beneficiaries), you will have a better grasp of your overall state of health, roadmap to ensure a healthier future, and clearer understanding of your potential health risks.

What can I expect during my AWV?
Your AWV serves three primary purposes: to update your medical history, assess your current wellbeing, and provide health recommendations. While the medical history update primarily consists of checking your record, reviewing your family history, and asking health-related questions, the assessment involves basic tests to gauge your current health. Once we have an understanding of your medical history, current health, and lifestyle, we provide a comprehensive plan to help you maintain the lifestyle you know and love while decreasing your likelihood of disease, injury, or health decline.

What does the Internal Medicine Department at Medical Center Clinic do?
AWVs are only part of our Internal Medicine Department. Our overarching mission is to provide continuous care for patients by conducting wellness checks, providing preventative plans, and caring for ongoing problems or conditions.

Who is eligible for a free AWV?
No-cost AWV visits are available for Medicare beneficiaries. These are generally individuals who are 65 years or older or individuals with certain diseases or disabilities. For questions regarding your eligibility, please consider reaching out to our knowledgeable support team.

How do I schedule an AWV for either myself or someone I care for?
To schedule your AWV, please reach out to our office by calling 850.474.8038.

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